Editorial Note

"Knowledge" a peer reviewed e-journal is engaged in publication of research papers from various disciplines. This journal bestows much weightage in the need of extensive research work and providing scope for publications of those endeavours. Research and development is given priority in the Government policy in India at present so in tune with this present e- journal intends to go for publication of papers not only for the academicians but also persons from industrial domain. This will widen the horizon of knowledge and open up avenues towards newer fields. Employment of scientific methods will widen the scope for enlightenment. Newer technology has the capability to overrule the control of determinism and give shape to the world in different form. Ethnography will throw light on anthropogenic activities. Contemporary world lays much emphasis on research works related to topics like climate change, non conventional energy source, sustainable agriculture, political misinformation, aging brains, mental health and music therapy, strategies to contain infectious diseases. There is urgency in addressing the problems enlisted above but emphasis has to be laid on daunting issues or else it will be extremely difficult for man to survive on earth. The physical environment got much affected by various anthropogenic activities over time. This has led to alarming deterioration of normal climatic condition of earth and the effect is felt at every corner of this planet. Man tried to find out some remedial measures by holding some earth summits but little has been achieved effectively from these conventions. Whereas by bringing upward movement of living standard man has invited much stress on his brain. The consequence is colossally grim. Psychological disorder has turned to be a widespread problem across societies. Man now needs to find out solution to such problematic issues and live in harmony with nature. This necessitates research works and dissemination of knowledge in right direction.
Editor-in-Chief : Dr. Soma Bhattacharya
Associate Editor : Dr. Amitajyoti Bagchi
Joint Editors : Dr. Biplab Ghosh, Dr. Atanu Das