Guide to Authors

Papers are invited from contributors for publication in the peer reviewed e-journal Knowledge – A Multidisciplinary e-journal (Volume II) of Vivekananda College for Women, Kolkata. The paper is to be sent at the following e-mail address-




Notes for Contributors


The Board desires to bring to the notice of the contributors the following points.

(1)      Length of papers should not normally exceed 5000 words.

(2)      Manuscript should be submitted in MS WORD (DOC / DOCX) file.

(3)       Paper should be typed in font

·         Title: 20 points

·         Author name and designation: 16 points

·         Sub-heading: 14 points

·         Text: 12 points

·         Space: 1½ points

               ·         Page margin: 1 inch in all sides

(4)       Paper should contain (i) a short title, which can be used as a running head on the continuing pages and (ii) an abstract of the paper not exceeding 100 words.

(5)       Manuscript should contain 3 to 5 keywords.

(6)       Relevant references should be given following APA style (6th edition).

(7)       Only the most essential tables, drawings and photographs should be incorporated.

(8)       Appendices, footnotes should be avoided, give only end notes.

(9)       Maps and line drawings should be clearly drawn and should be captioned. Colour drawings and photographs may be published. Only the original drawings should be submitted in the text.

(10)   Units of measurement should be in the International (Metric) system only.

(11)   The British or American spellings can be used but that should be uniformly followed throughout the length of paper.

(12)   No abbreviation whatsoever, like ‘m’ for million or‘t’ for tones, should be used.

(13)   While sending contribution to the Review, the authors should certify that the article has not been published and would not be submitted elsewhere for publication.

(14)   The Journal or the Honorary Editor will not be held responsible for the views expressed by the author/s in the journal.

(15)   Permission: Authors wishing to include figures, tables, or text passages that have already been published elsewhere are required to obtain permission from the copyright owner(s). They need to submit the proof of the same after the acceptance of the paper concerned.

(16)   Copyright: When one submits a paper for publication, one agrees to transfer the copyright to the Editor/Publisher for any further use/reprint/reproduction thereafter by any party. The author has to provide an exclusive license to the Editor on the final acceptance of the paper.

Articles not conforming to the above rules may not be considered for publication. Articles, notes, book reviews, etc. are accepted for publication with the approval of the Publication Committee of the Journal.



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Joint Editors : Dr. Biplab Ghosh, Dr. Atanu Das